Our Responders are Deployed

We still have responders deployed in the Village of Wainfleet.
They are Assisting the Emergency services, Lincolnshire Emergency planning. Helping the public during this Tragic time.
Here just a small portion of some of the duties we have been carrying out.

Everyone working as a team to move filled sandbags

.Door knocking checking on the vulnerable
.Transporting Residents and pets to places of safety
.Transporting sandbags
.Bringing in Empty sandbags from out of the area to be filled
.Delivering hot food and drinks to Fire crews manning the pumps. who are Fighting Mother nature in keeping the water out of the electric substations to keep the power on in the Village

A couple of our Responders are having a Welfare break in the Early hours of Saturday morning

We have had Responders on the ground since late Wednesday/Early Thursday Morning.

The RAF have filled the Breach using 270 one-tonne bags of aggregate
Just a tiny portion of the Equipment that has been brought in by the fire service

Author: L-CAT Admin

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