Membership Information

Thanks for your enquiry about joining us.
We have 2 operations within L-CAT.
First is our 4×4 logistics to Emergency Services for extreme weather and difficult terrain.
Second is our Community First Responder Scheme run through East Midlands Ambulance Service.

The forms are quite comprehensive and have to be. Our service users, primarily Emergency Planning and Local Resilience Forum require bona fide personal to perform key tasks in difficult situations.

We do require an up to date Full DBS. If you have one, and are prepared to share it with us, there is no need to do one of ours. If you don’t, we get them done for £15.00

Cost of membership is….
£20.00. Joining Fee
£10.00. Annual membership 
£15.00. DBS (if needed)

We also need up to date Vehicle details…  License, insurance, tax 
this is a zip file with 8 pdf forms

L-CAT Membership Services 
Seahorse Cottage 
Spout Yard 
LN11 0LW 

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